Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Kingdom of God

Update, Oct. 25: I haven't forgotten about the blog, we've just been without reliable internet the past few weeks. Hopefully the problem will be corrected in the next couple of days.

I'm sorry I haven't had more time to devote to the blog lately. It's been very busy the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll have some time next week to sit down and type up a proper post. On Sunday, I discussed the nature of the Kingdom of God in a six point manifesto. Here's my six points - I plan to write up a post fleshing out these ideas soon:

The Nature of the Kingdom of God

  1. The KOG is not an institution, a religion, or a culture.
  2. The KOG is a movement. Its purpose is to rescue humanity (from ourselves) and heal all of creation.
  3. The KOG starts small, looks insignificant, and often moves and develops in unseen ways.
  4. The KOG requires commitment.
  5. The KOG is under the leadership of Christ.
  6. Those who want to join the KOG movement should pledge allegiance to Christ.

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